Our 2017 Best Flying Young male "Hercules"
             IF-17-WTCM 237 Dark Check Cock
     6th PAOF 350 - 836 Birds - 84 Lofts!
     1st BSC 300 - 1st South Section CJC -
     9th BSC 100 - 55 Birds !
     4th BSC 150 - 110 Birds!
     3rd BSC 150 - 134 Birds!
     14th BSC 200 - 116 Birds!     

"Connie"  Hand Feeding Peanuts to Bosco! Her gentle touch is our secret to motivating the birds to come faster!
They Love her!
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  This picture is our house up in the air with the loft in the background.  We started this project in January of 2016 and Barry Heffernam of Tri Bar Services and his crew had us back in by August just in time to start training our young birds.  We have finally recoverd from the super storm Sandy and have a new house much higher off the ground. Thanks Barry for all your help, the project was amazing!  
"Ironman" IF-18-BSC 2515 Blue WF Cock

2nd (Equal 1st) Place Tri-State 250!
12th Place PAOF One Bird Derby 350!

Brother to Pooty Tan Bred from Elvis & Pamela!

"Pooty Tan" IF-18-BSC 2501
  Our best flying hen 2018!

1st Place Paterson Air Derby 300 Miles - 295 Birds - 50 Lofts!
"30 Mins out front of next Bird!"
Bred from Elvis & Pamela