Our family of racing pigeons are a Janssen based family with Rocket, Hollywood, Prize Fighter, Golden Matterns, Ultra Violet & Texas Pride lines of birds from Mike Ganus and Dream Boy & Young Miller lines from Oak Haven Farms.

      It all started back in 2003 when I purchased 03-GFL-746 a smokey blue hen I named "Rainbow" a Grandaughter of Hollywood & the Rocket from Mike Ganus. 

   In 2004 we purchased from Fred Breezy,  CU-04 JOJO- 0188  Blue CheckWF when mated to Rainbow they produced "Porsha" 05-PAF-6805. A fantastic flyer and a better breeder!
JoJo 0188 was a son off the Casanova Hen/Suzy Q/Suzy Wong/Jong Spanjaard Line & His Sire was off the Adrenaline/Miracle Hen/De Bull/Sapphire/ En Excess from the Wout Smeulder/Spanjaard Lines!

       I went to the last Auction of Oak Haven Farms in the Lynhurst Club, a day I will remember forever. I purchased 05-OHF-3131 a Grandson of Dreamboy & the Miller Cock directly off  Young Miller & Dream On.  "Miller" was mated to "Porsha" and they bred "Showgirl" 10-LCM-1756 my foundation hen Today.     

    In 2010, I bought from Mike Ganus : "Ringo" 10-GFL-1073   Pen Bluewf Cock - bred from: Travis & Hollywood's Heart
  (Prize Fighter/G Mattens Line & Inbred Hollywood line)

"Ringo" & "Showgirl" have been matted together their whole
lives and are at the core of the family I am flying today!
I have 4 Son's off this pair in the stock loft:
   "Elvis"  12-WTCM-4639  Penwf
   "Pitbull"  13-WTCM-4844  Blue Check
   "Bosco"  14-BSC-3209  Penwf
   "Hercules"  17-WTCM-237  Dark Check

  In 2010, I bought from Mike 2 Grandchildren from the Rocket!
10- GFL-876  "Suzy" Blue Hen - bred from:
  (Rocket's Marvel & Texas Pride)
10-GFL-902  "Pino" Blue Cock - bred from:
   (Prince Rocket & Ultra Violet)

They bred "Baby" 13-BSC-1291 Blue, my best breeding hen ever!  She has been mated to Pitbull her whole life.




"Ringo" 10-GFL-1073 Pencil
Son of Travis & Hollywood's Heart
"Miller" 05-OHF-3131
Wonder & Dreamboy Family
10-LCM-1756  "Showgirl"
Daughter of Miller & Porsha!
"Baby"  13-BSC-1291
Daughter of "Pino" & "Suzy"
Grandma to "Suzy Q"
"Suzy Q" 15-WTCM-2056 Blue
1st Place Coast to Coast 350!