Welcome to the Pigeon Racing Loft of Joe Allocca!

   I have been around racing pigeons since I was 14 years old, when I first joined Bayshore Racing Club in the New Jersey Shore area. Our club is very competative and the winner is usually at the top the Combine sheet.

  We fly in the tough 215 member CJC Combine with 22 Clubs and compete against some of very Best Racing Lofts in the New Jersey & New York area. My competition is "Tuff" these North East Lofts are probably the best flyers in the US today. We fly the tough West Course thru Penn to Ohio and sometimes to West Virgina. Our 350 mile Special Races are usually Mountain releases with Hills and Valleys all through the course. The winds can be from any direction on race day.

  Our birds fly into a wide front with lofts in the South (Atlantic City) to lofts in the North almost 90 miles apart. Our birds have to be smart and independent in order to break from the flock and act on their own (Front Runners). 

  I fly with my partner Connie and we have a small pigeon loft with only 8 pair of breeders. We breed about 35 Youngsters each year and also fly Old Birds. We live in Seabright, NJ on the long end of the combine and our family of pigeons enjoy flying along the Atlantic Shore line about 1 mile south of Sandy Hook State Park.

   Our race results can be viewed on the
CJC Combine Website under "Race Results"!
Hollywood & Lucky
     Loft has 3 Sections!
I fly Old Birds out of the Middle Section & Young birds out of the Right & Left is the breeding section!
"Rainbow" AU-03-GFL-746  Foundation Hen of the Loft! Flying at the Top all started with Her!

Hercules 237.